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So cute!!! <3

Divimus responds:


Dragon Scroll Dragon Scroll

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Wuuuuu! Coool!

Animation Palooza Animation Palooza

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April Fools April Fools

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Haha :D clever idea :D and sooo cute :D <3

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DoodlingHitman responds:

Haha, thanks! :D

Just some guy Just some guy

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Awwww cute. ^_^

Stuart with BANANA Stuart with BANANA

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This pleases me on a personal level.

Worms Trash! Worms Trash!

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Parties Parties

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Awesome. :D

ChazDude responds:

Thaynks Ernie c:

Scrambled Eggs Scrambled Eggs

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I am sorry to inform you, but I cannot stand this drawing.

The amount of cute in this picture is barely overflowing. I cannot the whole thing.

This is the most amazing thign I've seen it's just I SWEAR these expressions are flawless and they're hugging each other like OH MY GOD I cannot. And NEw Vegas I'm DYING! Quite a coincidence we're both drawing New Vegas characters now, eh??? OH MY GOD we are destined to meet on this website. I cannot the whole.

UkeFox responds:

Oh no I think I broke him, someone call the technician

Anybody Home? Anybody Home?

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Beautifulest of beautiful ones <3 ahhh <3

123mine123 responds:

lol Ernie.