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The Newer Grounds

Posted by ErnieTheMighty - January 31st, 2019

I've been posting art to Newgrounds with main intent to receive feedback and see people's votes for my work. But due to recent change of few votes not showing up at all and with each of my artworks getting less than 50 views, I think I'll just quit forever. It's just too much of a hassle now to post here and it's somewhat demotivating to not receive comments anymore where I just post it elsewhere and receive active reactions. 

I don't want to believe that it's my art becoming worse which causes this great deal of don'tcaretoclickthisimage-ness. Either way I'm leaving Newgrounds with hopes to expand elsewhere. Opening Newgrounds just to check if I have one single notification is just too procrastinatory to me and never fun no more.


Comments (2)

If you mark your work as a sketch, you will not be able to see your votes. Maybe that's why? Kinda sad you're leaving.

Hmm. It was marking my recent ones as sketch because they moved the "This is not a sketch" marker and I just missed it. Either way the requirement of "3 or more votes" is still not for me.

How about switch thing up a bit? Learn how to animate, make 3d art, or like me you could make mini web graphic novels with a story, those seem to keep the people coming back to my page.

Also doing art trades collaborating, or commenting on your fan's art could break the ice. You've got to give to get sometimes. Ever since I made some buddies on here I'm getting lots of reviews.

I'm here to share art. I'm not going to review someone's work for them to review mine. I really hate this mindset. I have enough following in other platforms, and none of them even use Newgrounds. I don't need fake fans who follow me for a follow back or a review back. If it's your thing, you do you.

"Oh that guy is nice. I'm going to give him a follow even though I don't like his art." Nop. Not happening. I'd rather have 0 views than go that path. I've been doing this sort of tactic in the past to gain my first hundred watchers on deviantART. I regret that to this day. Because most of my patrons didn't come from me complimenting their art. They came because they stumbled upon my art when I posted it elsewhere and they liked it. There weren't any strings attached.